online gift cards 2022

Online Gift Cards or Plastic Gift Cards? – What to pick in 2023?

Virtual or Plastic Gift Cards? More and more of our customers are debating whether to use a physical GiftCard or a virtual GiftCard. We decided to provide a quick overview and analysis of the topic so that we could make better selections.

Although virtual gift cards and plastics gift cards have comparable properties, they are used in various ways and by different persons. We decided to ask ourselves the same questions that our customers frequently ask us in order to be absolutely neutral about both goods.

We hope that this clarifies whether you should be plastic or virtual on your next event.

online gift cards 2022


Here’s what you need to know if you’ve decided to use GiftCards services but aren’t sure which product to go with:

Every occasion or event has a narrative to tell, and our choice is no exception. If you’ve been invited to a long-awaited engagement, birthday party, or other special occasions, these Mastercard/Visa plastics will be perfect. In practice, they are made specifically for this purpose, adding value to the present beyond just a cash envelope. A photograph, a message, or even a video will always create a positive impression on the recipient.

Let’s look at the alternative possibility:

Some of our clients refer to virtual gift cards as “the cards from the future.” Let’s pretend our 10-year-old son’s birthday is approaching, and we have no idea what to get him. As we all know, 90 percent of today’s children choose to spend their time online or on the Playstation playing various games. You’ve already chosen the ideal present for it, quickly and easily by email. You only need to register the e-Gift you get before it can be used. You may rest assured that your adolescent will not have access to your primary account, but you will have provided him with the GiftCard experience.


As we’ve seen in previous cases, the individual for whom the card is intended is crucial.

Young people recognize virtual cards more quickly and easily than middle-aged ones, according to research. The first group, which prefers and selects plasticity as something you can “feel” with your hands, wants to test and investigate the wave of innovation and accepts the digital card, while the second group prefers and chooses plasticity as something you can “feel” with your hands.

When we separate by gender, the data shows that men and women accept our goods equally well, however, males appear to be slightly more digitally savvy when it comes to virtual cards.

IT professionals prefer virtual solutions, but doctors, teachers, and government officials want plastic gift cards.


Plastics have been a well-known product on the market for over ten years, with a well-established name and history as the ideal present. A prepaid card with attractive packaging and a message feels familiar while also being novel.
Our virtual gift cards, on the other hand, are relatively new to our clients, despite the fact that they have been available. Constant “Lockdowns” and the inability to shop in normal circumstances reinforced this product even faster.

Plastic or virtual?

  • Gift cards are available for purchase at internet. On the other hand, for a plastic gift card you should leave your home comfort and visit some shopping centers, petrol stations, gift corners..
  • E-GiftCard virtual cards can be ordered quickly and easily worldwide. You just need an internet connection.
  • In order to buy real gift cards sometimes they will ask for you to present and ID. With virtual gift cards all you need is email to register.

How much does it cost?

The cost of issuing a plastic Gift Card, which comes in a luxurious package and may be personalized, is the same as the cost of packing a traditional present and greeting card. Digital cards are normally 50% less expensive. If you’re on a budget, virtual gift cards are a great option.


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