YouTube Gaming Gear for Beginners 2022

YouTube Gaming Gear for Beginners 2023

So you’ve decided to start a YouTube gaming channel, but you’re not sure what to get for your first set up.

We’ll take care of you, no matter what kind of gaming device you choose.

If you start a YouTube gaming channel, these products will help you get there.

Webcam For YouTube Gaming Channels

To show your face or to record your face to use in gaming clips, you can’t go past the Logitech C920 webcam. It’s the best one. People usually choose this when they want to record and stream games.

Streamers and content creators use a lot of different cameras to record their videos and streams. The C920 is by far the most popular one.

The best microphone to use for streaming and recording YouTube gaming videos

If you’re making a video, the sound is probably the most important and important part. Bad audio can quickly drive your YouTube gaming fans away from your channel. It’s hard to start out on YouTube, so you want to give yourself the best chance.

We think you should get a good mic for your YouTube channel. The Blue Yeti Mic is the best choice for anyone who wants to start making videos about games on YouTube.

If money is an issue, you could also choose not to have any sound at all. Sometimes, having no sound at all is better than having a bad mic.

Cards for Recording Games For Your Channel

To stream content from your console to YouTube, you’ll need game capture cards to do this.

Make sure you get a card from Elgato because you can’t go wrong. It’s easy to choose which one is right for you from their website. We think you should get the HD60 s, but you can also find this for less on eBay or Amazon.

Free: There are no costs to set up a recording.

If you play on a console, you can use your game record function to record a clip. You can then transfer the clip to your PC or upload the clip to your YouTube channel. You can do both.

The Xbox Game Bar for Windows is one of many free screen recorders for PCs.

Then, it’s easy to take the video and put it on your YouTube channel.

Editing videos for new YouTube accounts

You can use the free editing software that comes with your computer when you start. Macs have iMovie and Windows has Video Editor, both of which are good for making videos for a new YouTube account.

Adobe has a lot of powerful editing software that you can look at once your channel is up and running and you want to improve.

Thumbnails for YouTube gaming channels

During the beginning stages of YouTube, you can think about paying for new editing software for both your thumbnails and videos.

Use Canva, which is a free picture-editing tool, if you want to make free thumbnails for your site. Grab a screenshot of your game and add some text to it. Then download the thumbnail and use it as your YouTube thumbnail.

It’s hard to start a YouTube channel

If you want to get the views and subscribers you want, it will take a long time. Many people make a few videos and don’t get many views, so they give up.

Lots of things go into making sure that your content is good and that you use the right title, description, and tags.

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